Education courses with LEGO® blocks!
  • Return on investment after 12 monthslower in the initial phase of business development
  • A proven and working business model2 own franchise units, 58 franchise units in Poland and 6 foreign units
  • An attractive product on the extracurricular marketcourses for children aged 3 to 12 years
Świat Edukido

Explain the World to kids with Edukido!

During the courses, children discover the world through LEGO® blocks.

Regular courses

Weekly meetings (60 minutes) in permanent groups (4-10 children aged from 3 to 10 years), during which we follow consecutive thematic scenarios. Edukido regular courses are always a great fun, but also… discovery of new things about oneself and about the world, logic and creative thinking, solving problems together, the basis of technology.

Workshops for schools and preschools

Workshops for schools

One-off thematic workshops adjusted to schools subjects and preschools curricula. Pupils aged 6-12 years learn issues related to: history, geography, biology, literature.  Our flagship workshops: In a medieval castle, Gravity, The power of wind.



Edukido birthday is a visit in the world of adventures of LEGO® heroes, loved by every single child. We organise thematic birthdays for 10-20 persons: CityNinja, Star Battle, Knights, Friends, Dinosaur Park, Wizards, Superheroes.

Day Camps

Day Camps

Day camps with blocks is a great adventure for children! The rich program includes a lot of building with LEGO®. This form of spending free time is becoming more and more popular among busy parents who want to provide their children with attractive entertainment. Curious children love day camps.

The courses start with an incentive

that focuses the children’s attention to a given subject (e.g. the life of polar bears, what the gravity is, how does the excavator work). It may be for example a short video. The instructor tells a story about a given subject.

Then, children ask some questions.

They look for the answers through considerations and experiments. What is the most important: there is more than one way to draw conclusions! In this way we teach our pupils to solve complex problems and more broadly – to live in a complex world. During our courses, children create the worlds. They have a subject, problem and Lego® blocks. They do not get any instruction and the instructor limits his/her involvement in the children’s work to a necessary minimum. That is because we bet on independence.

We do not do tasks for kids, but we create perfect conditions for creative and logical thinking and acting for them.

After the construction stage and knowledge acquisition, there is a time for common observations and reflections on classes. Asking questions learns how to draw conclusions and how to think analytically which will transform into the ability to make good decisions in the future. After courses, the pupils present the results of their work to their parents. It is an element that is particularly important for rising the children’s motivation and building a deep family relationship. And all of that with a great fun!

Edukido Franchise – what makes us different?

  • innovative products, e.g. workshops on school subjects based on LEGO® blocks
  • over 200 created course scenarios
  • 4 types of courses that let the franchisee earn money throughout the whole week (from the morning till the evening and from Monday to Sunday)
  • about 1000 pages of operational handbook (along with accompanying documents)
  • over 25 years of experience in the sector of educational after-school activities
  • 1 own franchise units, 67 franchise areas in Poland, 2 Master Frachisees (Croatia, Macedonia) and 12 foreign units:
    • Lviv, Ukraine
    • Varaždin, Croatia 
    • Rijeka, Croatia
    • Sibenik, Croatia
    • Zabok, Croatia
    • Zadar, Croatia
    • Zagreb – I, Croatia
    • Zagreb- II, Croatia
    • Split, Croatia
    • Skopje, Macedonia
    • Veles, Macedonia
    • Erd, Hungary
  • fixed franchise fee, lower in the initial phase of business development

Free e-book about the educational franchise

Please read it before you invest your funds in a franchise

We have been operating in the franchising business for over 10 years. We are happy to share the Edukido knowledge with you.

After reading this e-book you will know:
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of franchisingWhat to ask the franchisor
  • What is most important when running your own franchise unit?Success factors in the sector of extracurricular activities
  • How to choose a franchise system in the education sector?Minimize the risk


A perfect candidate for an Edukido Masterfranchisee has experience in sales and marketing, has management and communication skills and he/she is also able to share his/her knowledge and to work in a dispersed structure.

He/she understands the meaning of such notions as: openness for ideas of other people, involvement, consequence in business. He/she would like to reach a higher goal, but also earn some tangible money at the same time. He/she is characterised by: regularity and persistence necessary to build a long-term business.

An experience in franchise and educational sector will be an advantage. An additional advantage will be a good knowledge of the local market and of English. We are also looking for single franchisees that have potential to become the Masterfranchisees at the next stage.

Edukido licence area

The Masterfranchisee will get the exclusivity for Edukido mark throughout the country. We allow existence of 2-3 Masterfranchisees in the case of countries with over 20 million inhabitants.

A single franchisee buys a licence from the Masterfranchisee for an area from 20 to 140 thousand inhabitants. We divide big cities into districts. Bigger licence areas are also possible, our experience however shows that a business of this kind is the most efficient on an area up to 100 thousand inhabitants. At least at the very beginning.


Our vast experience as licensees in this sector allows us to design and offer a system that we dreamt about: well-adjusted to the market, with tangible profit perspectives, with the exact range of services of the franchiser as it is expected by the franchisee.

If you are ready to start a satisfactory educational activity, you will receive from us a professional support system for your business at each stage of our cooperation.

We would like the Edukido franchise to provide a high-quality know-how constantly during the whole duration of the franchise contract.

Edukido Franchise – FAQ


The basic income of the Masterfranchisee comes from:

  • granting sub-licenses on his own area
  • production of graphic and other materials for franchisees
  • sale of blocks, accessories and gadgets to particular branches


  • regular courses in your own Edukido Centre
  • regular courses in educational establishments on your licence area
  • workshops for schools and preschools
  • birthday parties in your own Edukido Centre and in the birthday celebrator’s house
  • own day camps
  • workshops at external day camps
  • consumer and company’s events
  • sale of Edukido products and gadgets

Our experience in the sector of educational after-school activities suggests that such good product as Edukido programme + general market perspectives + your involvement in business development should result in return on investment within 12-24 months.

You will be in charge of children of 10 groups: from 3 to 12 years of age.

Figures mentioned apply to the Polish market. Things may be different in your country. What is most important is that Edukido is for all children and for sure we will adjust together our programme on your market!

Do you know that you can build at least 27 different ducks from 6 LEGO® blocks?

Contact us and we will teach you how to earn on that

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    Realizacja projektu pn. „Internacjonalizacja autorskiego programu pracy nad rozwojem dzieci poprzez zabawę klockami LEGO firmy EDUKIDO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.”

    EDUKIDO POLSKA Sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt pn. „Internacjonalizacja autorskiego programu pracy nad rozwojem dzieci poprzez zabawę klockami LEGO firmy EDUKIDO POLSKA Sp. z o.o.”
    Celem projektu jest wdrożenie produktu w postaci franczyzy w sektorze edukacyjnym – unikatowego autorskiego programu pracy nad rozwojem dzieci poprzez zabawę klockami LEGO na rynkach zagranicznych (Rumunia, Węgry).
    Planowane do osiągnięcia efekty: przygotowanie do wdrożenia modelu biznesowego internacjonalizacji, poszerzenie kanałów dystrybucji dedykowanych na rynki dedykowane w ramach internacjonalizacji, osiągnięcie gotowości do rozpoczęcia sprzedaży franczyzy na rynku rumuńskim i węgierskim, podpisanie kontraktów handlowych na rynku rumuńskim oraz węgierskim, osiągnięcie przychodów ze sprzedaży franczyzy na rynku rumuńskim oraz węgierskim. Wartość projektu: 195 500 PLN Wartość dofinansowania: 166 175 PLN Projekt współfinansowany ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Polska Wschodnia